Berringer Wedding

It was the perfect day for a wedding; sunny and 75 in beautiful downtown Orlando. Afrodite & her girls were getting ready on the 5th floor at the Hilton. While Sean was up on the 11th floor with his groomsmen. (Notice I didn’t say getting ready, haha)

When I arrived at the hotel room, the first thing I saw was Afrodite’s gorgeous dress. I’ve never seen a dress look so stunning just sitting on a hanger. Once she put it on, some how it was even more stunning, she made the perfect bride.

I raced up to the 11th floor to get some shots of the men getting ready. It was getting close to the ceremony, so we figured that I would have missed the shots of them getting ready. But once I arrived, what do you know?! I see a pant-less groomsman, the groom just buttoning up his shirt and the other groomsman on his phone. They were an entertaining bunch, with no idea what they were doing. I was asked many questions…
“Where does the flower thing go?”
“How do these cuff links work, which way is it suppose to be?”
“Whose flower is this and why does it have two?”


The ceremony and reception was a few miles down the road at Ceviche Tapas. The venue was something out of a storybook with it’s unique Spanish charm.

The reception was on the 2nd floor and had a gorgeous balcony that overlooked the busy streets of Downtown Orlando. It made for the perfect setting for these bridal party photos.

The cake tasted just as good as it looked. Of course, Sean had to smash the cake in Afrodite’s face after she pleaded with him not to. So as you can see in the last picture, she was not too pleased with him for all of 5 seconds, haha!

Look at these two cuties! They were full of energy and danced the entire night away!

Father-daughter dance, Mother-son dance and the Bride & Groom’s first dance!

This wedding knew how to party! The dance floor was packed the entire night. So it was no surprise when they started to limbo once Footloose played.

This wedding was so much fun to be a part of. Thank you for allowing me to capture your special day. Congrats again Mr. & Mrs. Berringer!

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