Emma turns one!

I’m so excited every time Bethany or her sister, Jessica contact me for a session because they invite me to their family’s gorgeous property. You would never guess this gem would be hidden in all of the hustle and bustle of crowded, Sarasota, Florida.

We originally had plans to meet at Siesta Key for Emma’s first birthday, smash cake session. It ended up being a pretty breezy day and Spring Break for Sarasota, so we decided to not even take a chance at the beach. & I’m so glad we didn’t because look how perfect Emma’s first birthday session ended up being.

Big brother was so happy to celebrate his sister’s first birthday!

Emma looks just like mama!

Emma did not want to dig into her cake. She thought she was being tricked. Come to think of it, every single smash cake session I have done, none of the children dug in! After Emma tasted the cake, there was no stopping her! Happy 1st Birthday Emma!

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